Watch “Saber Rock” & Help Bring A Soldier to Safety

Meet Saber Rock, an American Hero who needs your help.

This Memorial Day, we partnered with Circa to screen their powerful documentary, Saber Rock, the story of a real-life American hero. The documentary tells the story of Saber Rock, a fearless interpreter who laid it all on the line to aid coalition forces in their mission to liberate his country from the Taliban.

We’ll be screening the film all month, so there’s still time to hear his harrowing story. Plus, $1 from every purchase will go to Saber Rock’s family to help fund Saber’s journey to America.

Watch Saber Rock’s powerful story on any device for only $2.99 and we’ll donate $1 from every purchase to help bring this hero home.



Saber’s story:

SABER ROCK chronicles the unbelievable lengths one man is willing to go to help coalition forces retake his country from the Taliban. His expert command of seven middle eastern languages gives Saber Rock the opportunity to work with a small, hand-picked team of US Marines deploying to one of the most violent regions in the country. Their mission: to drive a wedge between the Taliban and the Afghan people in Helmand Province. All communication must pass through Rock first, making him a lynchpin for winning over the hearts and minds of the Afghan people.

​​​​​​​The team begins their mission by setting up schools for children at risk of falling in with the Taliban. Rock uses books and hand crank radios to spread positive messages about coalition forces. As their success grows, the team receives intelligence that the Taliban has put a bounty on Rock’s head. Rock knows he cannot abandon Helmand, but what will be the true cost of victory? 


Thank you for watching and our sincerest thanks to all those who have served this country!