OWNZONES Celebrates A Big Night In Romania

Last week, celebrities came from all over the country to help us celebrate the launch of our first international app – OWNZONES Passport Romania! We were honored to share such a momentous evening with some of the biggest stars in Romania (who also happen to be the latest celebrity talent on OWNZONES Passport Romania!): Adelina… Read More

Meet Our SVP of Product Development & Enterprise Solutions

As Senior Vice President of Product Development and Enterprise Solutions, Joe Shepherd often makes appearances at conferences and networking events around the country, driving our OWNZONES for Enterprise product to the corporate world. He oversees the day to day management of our Product Development and DevOps teams, while also collaborating with our Product Management Director… Read More

How to Connect a Worldwide Audience to World-Class Content: A Case Study

Audiences these days face a daunting problem: figuring out what online video they want to watch amidst the overflowing ocean of modestly differentiated material washing over their eyeballs. But if audiences face a challenge, it’s surely far less problematic than the one facing creators and distributors, namely, getting audiences to watch their online video instead… Read More