Meet Our SVP of Product Development & Enterprise Solutions

As Senior Vice President of Product Development and Enterprise Solutions, Joe Shepherd often makes appearances at conferences and networking events around the country, driving our OWNZONES for Enterprise product to the corporate world. He oversees the day to day management of our Product Development and DevOps teams, while also collaborating with our Product Management Director to formalize our project management and development lifecycles.

Q: What do you think is the most important quality of a successful company?
A: Successful companies are built on great teams and the heart of the team is simply a collection of great people. I truly believe we have great people at OWNZONES and that is super exciting.

I think of success as a journey and when we do succeed, it will be because of a team effort. My greatest accomplishment, at the end of the day, will hopefully be creating an environment where that is possible – an environment where our culture can grow and our team members can achieve their fullest potential.


The toughest and most important part of any leader’s job is to inspire.
Joe Shepherd

Q: What are the challenges of your role?
A:  The toughest and most important part of any leader’s job is to inspire. The leader can never falter, they can never be negative, they can never give up. If I can inspire the team, in good times and in bad, then all other challenges and issues tend to take care of themselves.

Q: Personal motto?
A:  Figure it out, get it done, exceed expectations.

Q: How do you strive to do a quality job?
A:  Simple, I always ask myself if my wife and kids would be proud of me. When I was in the military, they taught us that integrity is always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. I truly believe in that, but, if my kids did happen to be looking, I want them to see that their dad is a man of integrity.